Puzzle Kids Play Room

PuzzleandpetticoatsI guess in a way this is a brag but it’s not overly intentional. We had the health visitors out this morning for an early 2 year check on Eleanor. Most of the visit took place in the lounge but when asked for things like stacking blocks/doing peg puzzles it made natural sense to move to the playroom and she was just so complimentary of it all. How we effectively had a home nursery for them and just how much love was clearly put into the room.

Kids Study Room

I am very proud of our playroom and it’s still not even finished. It’s lovely when you have professionals speak so much pride of it. And Lego is great toys!


bungalow621Playroom is done…for now. I still need my free contractor (who I think might be on strike to build some shelving in the nook where all the toys reside.

Basement for Kids

kids room
sweetlavenderlifeNow: that summer is over, I’m working on design ideas to finish our basement. I thought this little playroom I saw recently was absolutely darling!

Small Desk for Kids

kids small desk
Their little art center is about done

Colorful Desk for Kids

All coming together! playroom by ikea galore. Spray and paint everything: rainbow, artcenter, love itttt are you ready to come over and play?

Pink Room

Full of pink room, rabbit, pancake and everything what little girls needed!
Full of pink room, rabbit, pancake and everything what little girls needed!

Lets Play

Where is the babysitter? why you ask to me, hehe.

Artwall and Cabinet

art wall cabinet
Kassel H&C: I loved working on this play room art wall, not to mention I had the cutest 4 year old assistant

Kitchen and Kids

kitchen kids
Daddy is going to prepare the coffee, and Mommy is going to prepare the cake, deal with it! 😀

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