Conference furniture plays an important role in companies. As the name suggests, it serves to hold meetings with several people in an appropriate atmosphere.

There are various requirements for a conference table. On the one hand, the table should be ergonomically designed.

Especially in view of the fact that employees and customers have to sit for several hours, the table should offer a corresponding work environment. The ergonomic design also supports the fact that damage to the posture can be prevented.

The freedom of movement of conference participants is an important issue when choosing the right conference table. The legs should be able to be stretched out between floor and, above all, the participants should not interfere with each other.

Another aspect, Which should be considered in the search for the right conference table, is his place offer. This should be sufficient to present important documents or to put a laptop on it for presentation purposes.

The desk must fit into the conference room.

A conference table with its chairs should always be able to fit into the overall picture of the conference room.

Finally, this space also acts as a sort of sign of the company. Especially when it comes to getting new customers in meetings and conferences, the conference room should make a good impression.

How big the conference table should be is always dependent on two things. On the one hand, the size of the table must match the size of the room. On the other hand, it is important to ensure that all participants are able to take part in the conference.

Purpose and choice of size.

First of all, consideration must be given to what the conference table is used for. Should it be used in constant use or only occasionally? If it is only occasionally needed, one of our folding tables may be recommended. This can be easily cleared away as space and space saving, as dictates the needs and looks also top modern.

For the constant use, you can confidently go back to our favorable meeting tables, which are of exquisite quality and have a classic modern design. There are many conference tables in almost all sizes; As a rule 2-10 conference participants will be accommodated. Whether on a grand scale at the company’s annual financial statement or in a familiar atmosphere when advising your bank,

Conference desks with different finishes.

Just as with the size, the surface and the design of our conference tables offer everything your heart desires.

It could be a satin glass, a tropical Zebrano wood, a native walnut veneer or perhaps a mixture in which different accents make a difference? Our surfaces are absolutely trendy, easy to clean and provide a good workspace for writing notes or the use of the laptop or tablet.

Stable stand.

Stability is essential for any furniture; A wardrobe or conference table wobbles, is not just an annoyance, but useless.

It is almost irreverent employees or negotiating partners at a table of lower quality linger. The consequences are disgust and a bad impression. You can be sure that this will not happen to you with our tables.

You can sit and work comfortably and comfortably at our meeting desks, and that our furniture will be remembered by your colleagues in a positive way.

This is, of course, true not only for our selection of conference desks, but also for our low-priced desks, office furniture sets, and our ergonomic swivel chairs.

The little extra.

In many of products, the electrification can be placed gently under the table and does not disturb the eye, arm or leg freedom.

In addition, all of our tables, whether they are meeting desks or desks, are not only absolutely trendy but also timeless.

This is due to our very special design, which combines classic elegance with puristic pragmatics and therefore fits every occasion and always looks neat, “Work and live with style”.

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