I am always amazed by the designer who can design unique objects of everyday things that seem simple. Who would have thought that the table is usually boring can be transformed into unique artwork and cool? Which makes this cool design of the table is a combined function and shape is very creative.

We have collected 18 table designs the most creative and unique that you have to clay. Maybe this could provide inspiration for the design of your new home.

1. Design and Grass Wood Table

Image design wooden tables and grass
Above table designed by Emily Wettstein, using walnut wood and steel for certain bagian2, and add grass to live in the middle. It gives a sensation of unique nature in your room.

2. Design Desk Cube Rubus

Rubus cubic design drawing table
Rubik’s Cube tables inspired by Classical toys … In the picture above we can see that table really like the original Rubik. (link)

Table 3. Design Watches

Image Design Unique Watches Desk
Jewelry Watches desk by Lee J. Rowland has shaped desk watches that actually function. Tables can switch between the time clock that tells time, or a mode that displays text messages, with a maximum of 8 letters. (link)

4. Design Snowflake Desk

Picture Desk Design Unique Snow Grains
Shaped table unique snowflake. According to its manufacturers, furniture Snowflakes is the first in the world to be mass produced and one for all. Corian counter surfaces are cut using a computer program that converts the pattern in the setup parameters for each table created. (Designer: Claesson Koivisto Rune for Offecct)

5. Design Desk Tongue

Image Design Desk Tongue

Unique design coffee table inspired by the shape of the tongue. (Designer: Louis Durot)

6. Unique Design Desk Of Spoons

Tables Unique Design Of Spoons

Designed by Toni Grilo to exhibit in Paris, entirely made of kitchen utensils.

7. Design Dynamic Tables

Dynamic Table Design

Chul an Kwak is a young Korean designer who aims to inject furniture with dynamic emotion, breaking from the static norms.

8. Design Brush Shaped Desk

Shaped Desk Design Brush

Several years ago, the British designer Jason Taylor created a set of furniture made to look like a hairbrush.

Table 9. Domino Design Wood

Image Design Domino Wooden Desk

A concept in motion, Domino table gives new classic elegance.
10. Black and White Design Crew Desk

Crew Desk Design Black and White

So he called the desk crew who intended to put together such a panel for each section. (Designer: Minus Tio)

11. Design Table Illusion

Design Table Illusion Unique

The illusion is a handmade table of 3 mm acrylic. All illusions table is handmade, individual and unique design. The service gives the impression of a tablecloth on a round table. However, the object uses the structural strength of the folded material to create a magical and surprising experience – an illusion. (Designer: Rafa Garcia)

12. Mutual Dealing Desk Design

Faced Each Other Desk Design

Designer Dan McCabe described his “Two Faced” (Mutually opposite) coffee table making “very modern”. (link)

Table 13. Design Wave Water Ripple Effect

Design Desk Air Wave Ripple Effect

Using advanced 3D milling process and a variety of materials such as polished aluminum, polyester resin, and a little technique creates a vibration, Lee J. Rowland created the Series Ripple, a table that appeared to stop time in its tracks rippling. (link)

Table 14. Binaries Modern Design

Binaries Desk Modern Design

By extending the principles of mathematics from 1960 Spirograph engineering tools into a 3-dimensional, and connect it with a new computer program developed and latest technology of 3D printing, now as a simple way to create a table as shown above. (Designer: Cohda Studio)

Table 15. Design Ink Cat Love

Table Design Ink Cat Love

Domeau & Peres designing tables which create the illusion that it melts. (link)

16. Design Pieces Desk Box

Design Table Pieces Box

A square table divided by pieces randomly. The pieces are divided into side tables of various shapes and dimensions (Designer: voonwong & bensonsaw)

Table 17. Artifact Design

Image Design Desk Root

A small table made in powder-painted metal, which overturns the concept of artifacts: on foot, produced by the same geometry that governs nature, “FRATTALI”, and in the printed surface with small fall leaves. As the remaining objects in the influence of the changing nature of aesthetics. (link)

18. Unique Design Desk Endless’

Image Unique Design Desk Endless

The Endless Nile table inspired by the flow of the slow and continuous Nile. This new design, while inspired by the past, deconstructing tables and seating conventional concept to rejoin them in a solution of original and contemporary (Designer: Amr Helmy Designs).

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