Quality of Solid Mahogany Wood For Interior Furniture

Mahogany wood has long been used as the main raw material of furniture. This type of wood has a degree of hardness and strength under teak, but that does not mean mahogany is not strong, mahogany is referred to as number 2 in the power problem.

Excellent condition mahogany furniture Dining Table
Excellent condition mahogany furniture Dining Table
Mahogany furniture tall cabinet
Mahogany furniture tall cabinet

The mahogany has a reddish board surface with dense fibers and for the outer edges of the gray-white wood.

Mahogany Wood Use

Mahogany wood for furniture used to order furniture with the classic model, commonly buyer of classic style furniture that is from Europe and USA. There mahogany is one of the expensive wood and luxury. Why do Europeans and Americans do not choose their teak more familiar with teak wood as a tough, they are ordering teak for outdoor furniture.

solid mahogany sideboard
solid mahogany sideboard
Mahogany furniture corner cabinet
Mahogany furniture corner cabinet

Excellence Mahogany Wood

The fiber is smooth and very uniform. looks like this is very good if finished with natural or classic colors.
A very stable cross section of wood, mahogany is known for its strength in shrinkage and deformation, of course the main requirement is the drought of its wood raw materials.

Mahogany coffee table from John Lewis
Mahogany coffee table from John Lewis
Mahogany coffee table from John Lewis other view
Mahogany coffee table from John Lewis other view
Mahogany polygon octa shape table
Mahogany polygon octa shape table

Natural oil content of low wood, this makes mahogany wood can be finishing paint Duco without the risk of leaving yellowish stains as in teak. But wood drought is the main requirement.

The drawback

Many were attacked by pests. It’s not all, but many of these things make you frustrated. the solution, while the most effective is boiled with a liquid mixture of anti-pests and water.

Inlaid mahogany with pretty tapestry seat - Antique captain's chair
Inlaid mahogany with pretty tapestry seat – Antique captain’s chair
Mahogany vanity desks square and radial
Mahogany vanity desks square and radial

Solid mahogany furniture, we think is quite spoiled, should be treated well, we mean to organize in the oven should be good, keep the board must be good, the finishing also can not play rough and other small things, it is not a shortage maybe but we think enough troublesome.

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