The 3D-SITWELL mechanism makes you fit and slim and prevents the woman’s stomach softness from being pressed into the breastbone bones when sitting. The biodynamic and sensomotor activating seat increases the production of the body hormone melatonin, improves the metabolism, stimulates digestion and improves breathing.


The biological findings of SITWELL Sitz-Forschung and the results of “Gender-Medicine” and “Human-Medicine” confirm that women are considerably disadvantaged when sitting because of their anatomy and biological conditions.

The main reason is the lower heart-minute volume of the woman sitting and the stronger natural movement of the legs, thighs and buttocks. Moved sitting increases the production of the body’s hormone melatonin, which controls the sleep-wake rhythm of humans and is an important catcher of the free radicals. Furthermore, the production of melatonin is an important factor in the treatment of cancer and anti-aging medicine.

LADY SITWELL ® ensures a bio-dynamic and sensorimotor active sitting in the seats. The Venenpumpe and the Venenklappe ensure a better blood circulation and a better nutrient supply of the discs. The 3-D Sitwell mechanism always ensures breathing from the abdomen and prevents stomach ulcers from being displaced in the thoracic bone bones and triggering chest breathing, which negatively affects digestion on conventional chairs.


LADY SITWELL ® seating solution from SITWELL G. STEIFENSAND is simple and effective, a seat on the needs of women. Simple and effective movement stimuli relieve the back, neck and shoulders.


The gentle micro-movements prevent static stress on the muscles. Mouth restorations stimulate the metabolism, increase the blood circulation of the calves, legs and thighs, release blockages and strengthen the heart and lung function as well as the oxygen uptake in every cell.


Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany Art 3 – No one should be disadvantaged because of his gender

The LADY SITWELL ® is the vital seat feeling that is adjusted to the needs and demands of women while sitting. A specially shaped seat provides high sitting comfort with a breathable microfeder core padding.


Because of the anatomical differences as well as a different pelvic dynamics and a stronger natural movement in the hip, it is necessary to activate the venous pump, so that the calves, legs, thighs and buttocks are better circulated.

Sitting on an exercise ball as dissolves energetic blockages and d ie discs are better supplied with nutrients. More blood is pumped through the veins, the heart beats faster, circulation and lungs are strengthened.


LADY SITWELL ® – The office swivel chair for more movement in the office

Passive Motion Therapy

Through constant motion cues are all the muscles, especially the torso, back and shoulder muscles trained. These muscles support and relieve the spine.

Stimulation of the metabolism

the metabolic processes in the human body are decisively influenced by physical activity. The stronger the movement, the more intense the heart and lung activity, the higher the oxygen intake in the cell.

Relieve the spine and intervertebral discs

which occurs in static sitting spot pressure on the intervertebral discs is distributed in bio-dynamic sitting at the full face of the vertebral bodies. This results in a considerable pressure relief when sitting. The continual alternation of tension and pressure on muscles and connective tissue ensures an even pressure distribution and energy supply in the intervertebral discs.

Prevention of joint damage caused

by the constant movement of the chair to be exerted on each joint tensile and compressive forces, which supports the formation of synovial fluid.

Better blood flow

through the constant movement (massage effect), the body is many times more blood than the static sitting on conventional office chairs. Better oxygen supply means higher performance, which has a positive effect on your motivation.


Active Sitting

  • The SITWELL-seat allows all compensation and swerves.
  • The pending system brings the pressure of the vertebrae always to the center of the spine. Weight shifts therefore do not result in edge pressing of the vertebrae.

Soft and flexible backrest

  • The soft and flexible backrest strengthens the back muscles, spinal discs usually achieved by a better supply of nutrients and prevents shoulder and neck tension.
  • The orthopedic bucket seat prevents postural problems.
    3-Dimensional Sitting
  • By 3-dimensional seats stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the connective tissue. It is possible to better exchange the body fluids, the legs are better circulated and the venous pump is activated.

    Integrated lumbar support

  • The integrated lumbar support in the backrest of the lumbar region is perfectly supported. The spinal column is brought into the natural S-shape and the intervertebral discs are relieved. This actively prevents any postural damage.

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