Masterbox® Master of Art, review: Home office sideboard with flap Masterbox® 1,5OH (preconfigured)

Key specs:

  • Dimensions with felt pads: B 1600 x D 400 x H 600
  • Dimensions with castors: B 1600 x D 400 x H 645
  • Dimensions with base 100mm: B 1600 x D 400 x H 700
  • Dimensions with base 200mm: B 1600 x D 400 x H 800
  • Composed of: 1 box B 1600 mm x H 400 mm with flap and back panel, 1 box B 1600 mm x H 200 mm, felt pads
  • Colors: white, black, chrome – two-color finish possible

The Masterbox® storage system developed by Inwerk sets a new benchmark for functional and aesthetic purposes. Design: Karl Bell, Inwerk Design Team

Well placed for unlimited possibilities

Thanks to its modular design, the Inwerk Masterbox® meets individual furnishing requirements. The cubical modules – in various sizes, with doors, flaps or with an open front – can be combined virtually horizontally and vertically. This way the desired office furniture can be created at any time. Inwerk Masterbox® is the creative basis for design-oriented sideboards, cabinet combinations, roll and stand containers, wall-mounted cabinets / shelves, room dividers, reception desks and modern business kitchens.

The Inwerk Masterbox® kit not only guarantees a maximum of individuality at first. The furniture simply grows as the demand increases or changes. Likewise, all configurations are reversible, ie they can be restructured without tools.

With the Masterbox®, a design object is created in every size dimension. The extremely high stability of the design allows even 1600mm wide corps without a middle partition wall to escape, the rear walls can be omitted or the cubes serve as seating furniture. The particularly precise design finds expression in loving detail development, in the striking design and in the processing quality made in Germany. The front and back are symmetrical, the surfaces are smooth on the outside and inside, emphasizing the homogeneous appearance. The edges, which are slanted by 45 degrees, add up to a filigree geometry, free of visible corpus doublings, and enable flush doors and flaps.

Two-color finishes and the chrome finish option are the icing on the cake. The Masterbox® shows its stylish aesthetics in offices, representation rooms and, for example, in the hotel industry, but also wherever the presentation of valuable products needs the right framework, for example in shopfitting and on stands.
The Masterbox® has no fire load and is therefore also suitable for installation in escape routes and rooms with high requirements for fire protection.

Installed by hand

Unique is the completely uncomplicated mounting of the Masterbox® system. Reconstruction and rebuilding are straightforward, straightforward and even without any tools. Behind this is a simple and refined technique. A special, magnetized film with a high adhesive force is applied over a large area and firmly joins the modules located on or against each other.

For individual boxes and rollers, see Accessories.


+ Very flexible and therefore always expandable
+ Toolless conversion in seconds
+ Wall-mounted loops, boxes, shelves in endless construction
+ Business mini kitchen
+ Reception counter


+ Outside round and smooth inside
+ Front and rear view identical
+ Invisible construction elements
+ Invisible connection elements
+ 45 degrees slanting round for filigree optics
+ Flush doors and flaps
+ Soft lacquer with pleasant feel
+ Open loops without backboard possible
+ Room divider: All sides are viewpoints
+ Bicolour and chrome


+ Loadable up to 200kg
+ Suitable as seating furniture
+ Double-walled, insulated body
+ Internal steel stabilizers


+ Short delivery time
+ Made in Germany
+ 100% recyclable


Supplements boxes can be found under Accessories.

Delivery / assembly

The delivery takes place in prefabricated components for easy assembly / assembly.

High quality product office sideboard with flap Masterbox® 1,5OH from Inwerk.

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