Hydra is an Italian start-up consists of modders and entusiast PC Gaming world. The Hydra Desk is the result of several years of research and development, with dozens of variations in design. The goal of the creators was to produce a “case” that would allow to accommodate any type of configuration and at the same time to surprise and impress for beauty and elegance.


Computer Desks Black
Hydra Desk HD-DSK-001 Desk Case – Nero

The Hydra Desk is designed for those who want maximum expandability can for your PC, without having to compromise. With this new product, the houses and the desk are integrated into a single form, with unlimited expandability and predisposition for the dissipation air or liquid even at the highest level. The only limitation in this case is the user’s imagination or the modder that will put there hand.


Computer Desks Black Modern Design
Image via Drako.it

The solid aluminum frame covered with a tempered glass platform 1cm often allows to stay motherboards ranging from mini-ITX form factor to the huge E-ATX, with space for up to five 3.5-inch HDD and the same 2.5-inch. The internal expandability for up to 8 PCI slots, with room for two ATX no depth limit is less than 31 slots for 120mm fans.

Modular Wiring

Hydra Advance Computer
Image via Drako.it

The top tempered glass is treated to resist scratching, extremely clean and durable. The support has the dual functionality of work from the supporting plane and from window to be able to enjoy the own hardware! Furthermore the Hydra Desk is designed for modular wiring, with several fairlead slots, so as to realize build a clean and elegant at the same time.


pc desk
Image via Drako.it

Whatever the configuration you want to achieve, the Hydra Desk allows you to hide all the cables perfectly thanks to the large space dedicated in the lower deck, and offers endless possibilities for customization being able to place the liquid tanks and other accessories at will. All I / O connections on the motherboard and the connections of the power supplies remain well hidden, but still accessible by removing the rear panel.

hydra black
Image via Drako.it

Thanks to the high expandability, and the possibility of building liquid systems with over 1500W of power dissipation, the Hydra Desk will ensure optimal temperatures in all components of your PC, increasing its useful life and the overclocking margin for entusiasth.

hydra pc
Image via Hydra-shop.com

In addition, the Hydra Desk is completely disassembled with a simple Allen key (supplied in the package), allowing you to replace / customization / access to any components without the need for complex solutions. Every aspect has been designed and planned together with enthusiasts and modders, to ensure maximum compatibility with all your projects.

Even the table legs have a cable channel system, so as not to have dangling wires. The Hydra Desk allows to internally accommodate up to 5 radiators from 1 to 360mm and 480 mm, positioned at the two sides of the desk and in the left leg.

cool gaming pc desk

Thanks to the available space the ‘Hydra Desk allows you to store any hardware configuration also the most complex. In addition with the optional floor (sold separately) you can stay a second motherboard inside the desk, so as to have its RIG and the spare car in one location!


Ultimate Computer Desk for pro gamers from Hydra 100% aluminum expands expandability and preparation for liquid, 100% made in Italy. It would work! Amazing product.



Size: 1509 x 713 x 755 mm (WxHxD)
Material: Aluminum, tempered glass (table top)
Weight: 55 kg
Maximum load: 100 kg
Form Factor: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Fan (installed):
24x 120 mm (right leg)
4x 120 mm (left side)
3x 120 mm (right side)
Slot radiators:
4x 360 mm (right leg)
1x 480 mm (left side)
1x 360 mm (right side)
6x 5.25 inches (external)
5x 3.5 inch (internal, expandable)
5x 2.5 inch (internal, expandable)
Adapter (optional): 2x Standard ATX
PCI Slots: 8

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