The Seville classics style wheeled workstation UHD20242 factory with 12 drawers, 182,9 x 50,8 x 95,2 cm, metal powder coated, beech woodwork panel, gray.

With the Seville Classics UltraHD workbench you organize your tool perfectly and keep it carefully. With a comfortable locking system (spare key included in the scope of delivery), this factory vehicle provides you with an optimal space for your tools and work material. An existing shelf gives you additional comfort. The 4 professional steering rollers (2 with brakes) with a diameter of 12.7 cm offer you mobility or a safe stand. Equipped with a 3.8 cm massive beech worktop (182.9 x 50.8 cm), you can easily and effectively spread your tool. Doors and drawers are made of stainless steel and the body is made of powder-coated steel. The Seville workbench is supplied dismantled and can be installed quickly and easily. Versatile in service, garage,

Lockable door 1 key total locking system made of stainless steel with magnetic door suspension
Lockable door 1 key total locking system made of stainless steel with magnetic door suspension
Sturdy metal body with high-quality powder coating and steering rod made of stainless steel, includes 1 shelf - height-adjustable
Sturdy metal body with high-quality powder coating and steering rod made of stainless steel, includes 1 shelf – height-adjustable
wheeled sideboard portable as workstation
wheeled sideboard portable as workstation
Massive beech workbench 3.8 cm thick, coated to prevent dirt
Massive beech workbench 3.8 cm thick, coated to prevent dirt

Seville Classics UHD20242 Workstation Review by Jobus:


2 packs, as per the inscription in each case by 62 kg. The protection of the contents is good to very good. The individual parts are largely surrounded by protective films. The screws are individually segmented according to their dimensions.

Damage and sheet quality:

Low “damages” were despite the very good packaging. The edges of the floor panel were slightly corrugated. A side part had a slight crease due to a dent; but could be directed by means of a vice. The sheet proved to be comparatively easily deformable and somewhat thinner than hoped for. After the construction, however, all my concerns about the stability of the workbench have scattered, there was nothing to complain about.


Only a few different screws are used. These can be installed almost completely with the supplied tool. For the screws of the rollers a larger cross-screwdriver is recommended. All screws have metric threads, there is not a single self-tapping screw. The long and pre-magnetized cross-screwdriver performs well. I have not measured the set-up time, but in any case I have used it considerably longer than the already mentioned 3 hours.
Incidentally, at least one replacement screw is included in each additional screw type.

Quality and design:

In short, I call this impressive, in any case above what I expected. The drawer shelves are all reinforced with 2 transverse profiles each. The drawer bases extend forward into the stainless steel front; my fear that small parts might be lost there was unfounded. There are hardly any sharp edges on the edges of the sheet metal; Edges are often dull or beaded. However, the stainless steel parts (the fronts) themselves are pointed at the corners. I have some defused some with the file. The comparatively large-area door is also reinforced with a double cross section and correspondingly torsionally rigid. The fitting accuracy of the parts is also very good, no rework was necessary. The drawers also run smoothly under load, resting fully inserted. They can therefore only be opened with a little effort (to disengage). Contrary to the Amazon description there is however no central locking; which is not missed either, but it is mentioned for the sake of correctness. The work piece is actually too “nice” and too smooth for a workbench, but I can live with it. In any case, it is the absolutely heaviest part of the kit, I estimate around the 30 kg, rather more.

General information:

In advance, you can get information on the manufacturer’s site, the installation instructions can be downloaded there. The delivery was also one in German. I consider the risk of injury during installation very low. Ironically, the largest is when removing the safety caps on the hooks of the drawer guides. The alignment of the drawers is not described in the manual or I have not found it. But it is simply possible. Once the drawers have been hooked into the hooks of the guides, the front vertical longitudinal holes of the guides allow for visually pleasing alignment of the fronts.

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