Soges Computer Desk Black Laptop Table Height-adjustable Standing-Sitting Desk 81 cm ZHLB-2.

About Soges

Soges is devoted to offer the product of high quality and the best service to every customer. Over the last 10 years, they have focused on the development of furniture with steel and wood and the expansion of product types. They have 50 conveyor belts in stock and have their own design. Soges manufacture traditional and modern furniture. And product exported to Europe, North America, Central America, Japan and China.

Soges material The table top made of wood fiber
Soges material The table top made of wood fiber
High-performance metal frame
High-performance metal frame
only 8 locking postion available for your need
only 8 locking postion available for your need
There are two buttons to adjust the table surface for the height
There are two buttons to adjust the table surface for the height
Modern and concise design
Modern and concise design
personalize your home with this functional stand up laptop table
personalize your home with this functional stand up laptop table
healty sit and stand up working way
healty sit and stand up working way
standard and widened type bear the weight of 24 inch mac and 4 devices easily
standard and widened type bear the weight of 24 inch mac and 4 devices easily

Upper work area: 81cm L * 52cm W, offer more space for your daily work. Keyboard extension Dimensions: 60cm L * 26cm W, provide enough space for a full size keyboard.

Height adjustment range: Table height can be set from 17cm to 41cm. Ergonomic height range allows you to choose the cozy height.

Easy to use: There are two buttons on the table surface; Press the buttons at the same time to change the desired height. It goes up and down from seconds with ease.

Healthy operation: Ergonomic, comfortable design to improve the blood flow when standing to work, to relieve throat or back pain, to shape your body better, etc.

Weight: 15kg, max. Load: 20 kg. Supplied assembled, can be folded up and collapsed in seconds, perfect for storage and daily use.

Review by customer: Paulo

I followed the advice of my physiotherapist and decided to get a standing desk adapter for my work table. After much research, including the famous (and very expensive) Variodesk and Ergotron brands, I found this product. Although I could not really find any reviews about it, I would like to take the plunge, knowing that if I went wrong, I could return it hassle-free to Amazon. I have it ready for work.

Pros, cons and overall review can be found below.


– Generous, large working surface. I have a 21 “LCD monitor on it and still have plenty of space for paperwork and a large picture frame.

– Large surface for keyboard and mouse. I can even fit a large mousepad (admittedly, part of it goes under the keyboard, but this causes no trouble since it is so slim). Several alternative products have a very small surface for the keyboard and mouse, so watch out for this! – Stable and sturdy. – Beautiful, efficient working mechanism. Very easy to lift and put down, and it only takes a few seconds. – Adjustable rubber feet. I just noticed this. The standing desk used to move a bit when I put it on, and after, but after. Please check the picture for a good look at the adjustable feet.

– Very attentive customer service, they contacted me. I would contact you at anytime if anything was not, so they could fix it. Impressive!


– Height adjustment, although one of the highest on the market, can not be enough for taller people, especially if the work table is not very high. I am 1.73m tall, and this works perfectly. Taller people would have a harder time to achieve the proper ergonomics.

– No mounting holes (VESA or similar) for a monitor stand. At first, I was using an old monitor, but it did not work so well: every time I put the standing desk up, the monitor was a bit too low for proper ergonomics. Now, I ‘m looking for another monitor with proper height adjustment, and it works beautifully – but I do not need to adjust the monitor.


– High quality materials, I was very impressed and my work colleagues were too. – Good looks: chic black. – Comes fully assembled, just put it on your table and you’re ready to go! HINTS:

– Make sure your posture is ergonomic. Basically, your elbows should be about 90 degrees when standing up and sitting down, whenever you’re typing. So, the monitor must be at eye level.

– This is a very good product. Remember that you need something. So remember that it is good to stand up and sit down, stand up and sit down. Only standing up or just sitting down is also detrimental to your health! I have a hard time, a lot of work, a lot of work, a lot of work and a lot of fun. This is the last time I’ve been in the world, and I’ve been looking at it for a long time.

– Make sure you use comfortable shoes. – Make sure you do some stretching whenever you can: there are great ideas on the internet about good stretching for a standing desk.

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