There are many good furniture designs, many different materials that compose a nice desk. Some of them save space in the room, because a designer creates a functional design that not only deal with your problem, not enough room for a desk, but also look in this small space incredible. Some of the desks are only for large suitable spaces that accentuate their beautiful shape. And then there are those desks that can transform from a small one-man workstation to a large, conferential table. Depending on your tastes and needs, so enjoy the next 42 desk designs that we love with her.

The Covet Desk

The Covet Desk

This is one of the best receiving designs when it comes to space. The Covet Desk by Shin Azumi holding stacks of paper and files in a neat compartment under the desk, help remove all the clutter on the desk ‘surface. Although under the desk there are files and folders, this is not an obstacle to a comfortable seating experience.

The Reindeer Desk

The Reindeer Desk

Gracefully resembles the shape of a deer, inspired the Reindeer Desk Alex Kozynets purity and dynamics. The white desk researched the shape of a reindeer ‘s silhouette and provides an attractive modern alternative to an ordinary desk. An art form in itself, provides this desk a place for creating, reading or writing.

Duplex Workspace Desk

Duplex Workspace Desk

Designer Sophie Kirkpatrick found a solution to overcrowded rooms without intimacy in the form of this duplex Workspace Desk. A hooded desk is perfect for times when you need to concentrate on your work without interference from other people. With an ash content veneered surface and hood and solid ash turned legs, the desk is a beautiful work space that will assure your privacy.

The WD Desk

the wd desk

Elena Rurua presented this sleek desk in two versions: white and black with a swirl pattern on one side. Simple, clean lines make this desk perfect for a modern office or home office. The desk has a small platform under the files or even keep a box of Brick-a-Brack.

The Ministry of Finance Desk

The Ministry of Finance Desk

This is a special desk – it`s with different sized drawers equipped (from small to A2 format) and a translucent frosted glass desk that keeps your belongings hidden underneath. Designer of the process has to be used in many situations, this versatile desk: it can be a desk or workstation, or even a place to keep on tools in the garage.

The Wave Desk

wave desk

Robert Brou, designers and craftsmen, created the undulating wave desk using a new technique of cutting of wood. Two towers of cut wood support a large poplar surface. Drawers and a pull-out work surface were integrated into the design.

The Villa Rose desk

villa rose desk

Designer Francois Azambourg created this black-stained oak desk with minimalist lines. Beautiful features like the single solid walnut storage niche and hand-veneered edges of the legs are talking about the need to minimize materials while maximizing the design.

Max Ingrand Desk

Max Ingrand Unique Desk Design

French designer and artist Max Ingrand created this combination of art and functional design in 1966. Still looking modern, is the Max Ingrand desk of a single continuous shape bent into a whole seat-inclusive workstation. The stainless steel from which it was made, there is an industrial-chic look and desk sets before his time.

The Luna Desk

The Ministry of Finance Table

The next stylish and modern desk by the Italian company Uffix named Luna, is an interesting concept with futuristic lines and a bold approach desk design. Luna’s desk, that due to the design can be placed in the middle of the room and impress anyone with its design.

Life Desk

Unique Desk Design : life desk

This desk was out of the request, the risk hiding under a desk during an earthquake to minimize born. Designer Haishan Deng wanted a desk at the “triangle of base Create Life” principle, be able to help people would protect in case of an earthquake. Made of high-strength steel and nylon board, it has also made a lateral structure of molten steel.

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